Guarantee your security with our Business Alarm Systems

Nextsphere Alarm are the market leader thanks to our technology, experience and methods. Our alarms for businesses adapt to the needs of each company, whether they are based at offices, warehouses or other commercial premises. First, we conduct a comprehensive study of your business and customise your security needs, then we identify weak points on the premises and address them, offering an installation process, free of works or cables, that is done in under 24 hours. Get true security for your business!

Business alarm systems protect best

Small and medium-size companies are exposed to all kinds of threats, both external and internal, that can seriously compromise the health of the business and even endanger customers and employees.

A Nextsphere business alarm system is your best ally to create a safe working environment in which both employees and customers are protected, as well as valuable equipment and materials, and important company information.

Let Nextsphere Install Your alarm — the safest on the market — to deter and detect burglars, place video surveillance, and send warning signals.

Control the security of your business

With our business alarm systems you can monitor your staff as they enter and leave. Check what is going on in your premises with images and voices. Seek help with the SOS button. These are some of the possibilities offered by theNextsphere Alarm through its mobile APP. A handy, easy way to take control of the security of your business.

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