Video Surveillance Cameras for Federal, State, and Local Governments

Nextsphere Technologies is a leading supplier of rapid deployment pole cameras and mobile surveillance trailers designed to assist with a range of city safety applications.

Our vast experience working directly with government agencies, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing support services make us the ideal partner for your mobile video surveillance technology requirements.

Rapid deployment surveillance cameras help combat traffic violations, crime hotspots, vandalism, and business and parking lot crime. They also provide public safety in open spaces such as parks, and public events.

We are giving the governments across the country the tools to monitor their local facilities such as schools, courthouses,  airports, police stations, fire departments, parks, roadways and many, many more!

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Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

Our rapid deployment pole cameras are specifically designed to deliver video securely and efficiently via 4G LTE networks.

They are a complete surveillance solution for crime hotspots, areas associated with illegal dumping, violence, disorder, and drug dealing. They are also ideal for providing surveillance at temporary events due to their portability.

Nexsphere’s pole cameras are all-in-one systems that combine an HD security camera with 4G LTE transmission technology and onboard recording into a lightweight unit that is easy to install and maintain. If your applications change, the units can quickly and easily be moved to new locations.

All footage can be accessed remotely by 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can view and download live and recorded video any time from any device.

Rapid deployment video systems offer many benefits over standard security cameras, including ease of installation, reduced setup costs, and an agile response to changing surveillance requirements.

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Mini Dome Solar Trailer

The Nextsphere Mini Dome Solar Trailer is an autonomously-powered surveillance trailer that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, providing security for construction job sites, parking lots, public events, or any off-grid location that requires video monitoring.
It takes just minutes to install the Our Mini Dome Solar Trailer at your locations, and it can easily be moved as your applications change. It is an ideal surveillance solution for sites without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission.

The trailer is fitted with up to 4 of Nextsphere’s 4G Pole Cameras. All live and recorded footage is accessed via 4G LTE connectivity, so users can remotely access the cameras from any device.

The system contains built-in video analytics functionality providing verification and alerts, allowing for automated and intelligent surveillance.

Nextsphere’s 4G Pole Cameras all feature additional input channels, allowing the integration of up to 3 extra fixed or PTZ cameras, all utilizing the feature-rich capabilities of the primary pole camera deployed on a solar trailer.

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