Security Cameras For Schools And Universities

School Security Camera Systems

Being able to observe the world outside the school is an important consideration for any educational establishment.  CCTV for Schools has become a major part of any school’s safeguarding and security plan.

Introducing a CCTV system comes with many benefits and is not only used for safety and security purposes in and around the school premises. CCTV for schools can also be used for many other tasks such as monitoring student behaviour, reducing pupil bullying and improving the learning environment.

We have decades of experience with school security camera installations and access control, nationwide, and have a detailed understanding of common concerns and questions school districts may have when installing a camera system. We can offer cameras with 360 degree views, which can view entire hallways or cafeterias with no blind spots. Motorized cameras or cameras with motorized lenses are available, which allows the security monitor to move or zoom the cameras, track motion, or move through several different view angles on a repeating cycle.

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Custom Designed School Security System

As a leader in security camera solutions, we work closely with schools of all sizes across Nigeria to design complete systems that deliver the comprehensive surveillance coverage they need.


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The Benefits of Systems by Nextsphere Technologies

  • Free unlimited  technical support
  • 3-year warranty
  • Advanced features at no monthly cost
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

Advanced Features for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Whether you want an IP network camera system or an HD over Coax camera system, Nextsphere Technologies reliably deliver clear high-quality video, can see 100ft in darkness with advanced infrared night vision technology, operate both indoors and outdoors, and can be remotely viewed from your PC, smartphone, tablet from anywhere, at any time, at zero monthly costs.

Complete & Customized Surveillance Systems

All our security cameras for schools can be mixed and matched to create a complete custom surveillance system for your school security needs. Most of our  security cameras are available at a  resolution of 5MP to ensure sharper images and vivid surveillance videos. If you need help choosing the right system type for your security cameras, see our online guide.

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To improve your businesses process and product output, let the security camera experts at Nextsphere Technologies provide you with a surveillance system that monitors and records everything that is occurring at your site. Figure out what’s causing slower production, delivery delays, lack of assigned responsibility, and much more with a security camera system that collects and stores the information you need to fix these complications. No matter the problem, a security system at your businesses location will help you produce more, cut costs, and gain more profit.


With our security cameras having the power of access control and remote access, managers are able to view live and recorded footage to evaluate their employees, or operation. A security camera system also assists with handling disputes, finding out why equipment or product is going missing, and locating where a possible production line problem is, by presenting video evidence. This being said, a surveillance system from Nextsphere Technologies will save your business time and money by giving management the intelligence to eradicate speculation, and locate the source of an issue.