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    Number One for CCTV Installation

    NextSphere Security  has the experience and expertise to protect your home or business with a security system specifically tailored for you.

    We handle everything, from helping you select the right equipment, to ensuring wiring is hidden where possible and provide a truly professional service. Whether you are going for an analogue security camera or a hi-tech IP CCTV system, the fact is your CCTV system is only as good as its installation. Why spend all the money of getting the right CCTV system for your needs and then spoil it by employing a roadside  installer or trying to fit it yourself resulting in it not functioning as it should?

    You can hire NextSphere Security with confidence:

    • Licensed – RC1344028 (Information Technology Contractor License)
    • We only install high-resolution CCTV for high quality images to let customers clearly identify people in a scene.
    • All our cameras can capture images at night using infrared or built-in night vision.
    • Remote access, by installing an app on client’s mobile device, they can control the camera and access video footage of their properties from anywhere. This helps prevent crime before it happens.
    • Cameras are as visible or as discreet as you want them. For some people, they want their CCTV cameras to be discreet and hard to see whereas most people want theirs to be highly visible. That is because the very presence of CCTV cameras will put off most burglars and any other potential intruders.
    • Your budget is adhered to and you get the best CCTV installation regardless of how much you have spent on your CCTV system and whatever type you have chosen.
    • Your viewing and storage options are all set up correctly and you have the knowledge and skills to use them effectively and to their maximum capacity.



    Network Video Recorders (NVR) are used to allow the end user to monitor and manipulate multiple security cameras on a network. It also consists of a digital mass storage device, which allows for storing recorded footage.


    Infrared cameras illuminate their surveillanced region to capture footage in the dark or poorly lit areas of your site that maybe not viewable through normal cameras. This feature is vital in protecting your location at night or if you have areas that are often blocked from light such as underground structures or severely shadowed regions.



    Pan, Tilt, Zoom, commonly referred to as PTZ, is a camera feature involving your camera’s ability to move its lens and refocus. Most PTZ cameras feature a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and can rotate their lens along three axis for an ineradicable range of movement and camera coverage. With some PTZ cameras featuring an optical zoom, you’ll be able to see far away objects in much better quality.

    weatherproof cctv


    If your site’s location is endangered by poor weather conditions then you’ll need a weatherproof camera system! With cameras rated to IP67, your cameras for be submerged into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. These cameras are also protected from several other environmental hazards such as dust, harsh wind, snow, ice, and much more so your system lasts for many years without having to be repaired or replaced when crude weather occurs.

    fisheye cctv


    Fisheye cameras allow you to view all angles of your site, with just one camera. While footage is being recorded, at up to 4K resolution, its converted to four standard camera images so its able to be viewed easily off of a monitor or mobile device. You can watch live view, use motion detection, enable alert notification, and much more with our fisheye cameras, without having to install any software!



    With vandal proof cameras, you can say goodbye to broken/vulnerable systems and hello to protection from human harm and environmental dangers. Cameras rated up to IK10 are available, which are highly resistant to forceful impact (from objects such as hammers). No matter the weather or crime, you will be able to access the critical footage you need when its called for.



    Centralized management is ideal for large and distributed security camera systems due to its ability to manage multiple video recording devices or cameras at multiple locations, from a single interface. With features such as facial recognition, you’ll be able to scan large amounts of areas to ensure only authorized people are in secure areas. This makes your system more efficient by providing an area where all footage is being watched so problems can be assessed and eliminated instantly.

    Industries We Serve

    We have been installing security cameras to homes, businessSchools,  and government agencies across Nigeria for over ten years. We supply, install and maintain CCTV camera systems, we can also upgrade your old systems to newer technologies across Nigeria. We can help you get the right CCTV System to suit your needs and budget.

    Home CCTV

    Home Security Camera

    NextSphere Security provides a high-quality, customized security solution, applicable to each customer’s unique residential requirements, we ensure your house is equipped with the best levels of security protection, intrusion detection and theft/vandalism prevention.


    Business Security Camera

    Our IP or HD CCTV surveillance cameras will surely give you the power to know exactly what has been happening in your business. Nothing is left to question. Once an incident occurs you can check your irrefutable record and take the action to make sure it never happens again.

    Government Security Camera

    We deploy IP security camera to help federal, state, and local government agencies monitor their vital infrastructure as well as remote locations. From parks, police interrogation rooms, libraries, airports etc, we offer the most effective and advanced IP surveillance systems.