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    Protect your business with a fire alarm system

    Fire prevention is an important issue for any company. Most businesses affected by major fires either do not resume operations or are unable to recover. At Midland Fire, we take protecting your business seriously.

    By implementing the right fire detection system and supplying the right fire extinguishers the chances of fire affecting your business are greatly reduced.

    Nextsphere Security  have been providing reliable fire alarm systems for 10 years. We specialise in fire safety systems and offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service.

    We can specify the right equipment within your budget. Equipment can be specified from top brands and interfaced with existing equipment.

    Our Services include:

    • Fire Alarm and Fire Detection Systems
    • System design
    • Supply
    • Installation
    • Planned Maintenance (PPM)

    What systems are available?

    NextSphere Security have been helping protect businesses from fire for 15years. Our services include system design, supply, installation and commission. There are several types of fire alarm systems available. We work with you to design a system that suits your needs and meets your budget:

    Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarms

    There are two main types of fire alarm system, conventional and addressable. Both types of system connect to a central control panel however with addressable systems you can pinpoint the exact device that has been activated – And the location of the fire. A conventional system can be divided into zones, however each alarm has its own wiring connection to the panel – This makes a conventional system more suitable for smaller premises.
    In an addressable system, all of the alarms are connected in a loop, the wiring is less complex with only two connections to the control panel. An addressable system is more cost effective for larger businesses. If one end is damaged the signal can still reach the control panel via the other end of the loop. if one device becomes disconnected it wont disable the circuit. This type of system is more suitable for larger premises.

    Wireless Fire Alarms

    Wireless systems work best in situations where there are restrictions on modification to an existing structure like in listed buildings or schools. A wireless solution removes the need to run cables through walls.

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