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    Intercom Installation & Maintenance

    Upgrade your security system with our advanced intercoms. Our solutions provide a safer environment for your business.

    As a leading Nigeria provider of intercom systems and video door entry system, Nextsphere Security can design and install an intercom system for your home or business. We provide free site surveys to fully understand your needs and requirements.

    As a business owner, security should be a top priority. One way to enhance your security system is by installing intercoms. Intercoms provide a convenient and effective way to communicate with visitors and control access to your property. At Nextsphere, we offer a range of intercom solutions to meet your specific needs.

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    System Features



    Integrating your intercom system with other access control and CCTV solutions provides a powerful, multi-layered security combination to keep you safe. ClearView’s video and audio intercom entry systems offer;

    • Multiple audio, reporting and control functions, from a single graphical user interface
    • Communication over analogue or IP networks
    • In-cell multi-functional communication and facilities provision (music, telecom. link)
    • Full integration with CCTV and access control
    • Alarm handling and display, including lift emergency calls and status indications
    • Operation of two-way-radio, pagers, PA systems and evacuation
    • Control desks with programmable functions
    • Graphical user interface for visualisation of complex functions
    • Telephone system integration (emergency dialling, mobile / cellular and DECT telephones)
    • Multi-site networking

    Audio only intercoms

    Simple yet efficient intercom systems, usually hard wired and in expensive.


    Video intercoms

    Crystal clear images right to your own door station or even your mobile phone.

    video only intercoms

    Wireless Intercoms

    No hassle, our wireless intercom systems are both reliable and affordable.


    Remote Intercoms

    You may need to grant someone access to a site or building remotely.