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    Intruder Alarm Systems

    Nextsphere Security offers an intruder alarm solution for every need, from the simplest home security system with alerts on your mobile phone to high-end commercial applications with integrated with estate access control and a security operations center. We are a full-service security engineering company that analyzes buildings, identifies risk areas, plans optimal sensor setups, provides necessary technology, and installs comprehensive intruder alarm control panel systems.

    Benefits of Intruder Alarm Systems for Homes and Commercial Buildings

    Intruder alarm systems for commercial buildings provide a safer and more secure work environment, identify critical equipment failures, reduce property loss and theft, and deter burglaries and break-ins.

    An intruder alarm system holds many benefits for your home or business, as it:

    • protects personal valuables, specialized equipment, employee possessions, sensitive information, and valuable stock.
    • deter thieves, even in your absence.
    • Allows you to remotely monitor your area if you select a setup with compatible cameras.

    What's next?

    If your business is looking to:

    • installing a new intruder alarm system for your business premises.
    • considering upgrading your current commercial alarm systems.
    • require a maintenance/repairs contract for your system.

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    Intruder Alarm

    Our burglar / intruder alarm systems is suitable for  homes and offices. They are offered along with GSM dialer, motion detectors, door contacts, fire sensors, gas leak detectors etc.

    Wireless Motion Detector Sensor

    This wireless motion sensor doorbell can apply to front door, window frames, driveways, walking paths and anywhere you want to be alerted to motion. Also great to be an alert alarm at night to prevent thieves etc.

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