CCTV Cameras for Schools

Protecting our children and teachers must be a top priority for all schools.

School surveillance systems enable on-site security to monitor the entire campus from one central location, improving response times and giving responders valuable visual information on the situation. Visible security cameras also act as a deterrent for all kinds of bad behavior like bullying, especially when combined with active monitoring. Having video footage of incidents can be indispensable when investigating incidents involving unreliable witnesses or contradicting reports.

We have decades of experience with school security camera installations and access control, nationwide, and have a detailed understanding of common concerns and questions school districts may have when installing a camera system. We can offer cameras with 360 degree views, which can view entire hallways or cafeterias with no blind spots. Motorized cameras or cameras with motorized lenses are available, which allows the security monitor to move or zoom the cameras, track motion, or move through several different view angles on a repeating cycle.

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Prevent Bullying & Other Bad Behavior


Over 1 million school children in the Nigeria reported being the victim of theft, violence, or other bullying, with 10% of male high school students being threatened or injured by a weapon on school property in the last year. Studies have shown that CCTV cameras can reduce bullying incidents by over 70%.

It is often very difficult to investigate and obtain hard evidence of bullying, and security cameras can give administrators exactly what they need to protect their students. Yet, over 25% of primary schools, and around 10% of middle and high schools do not have security cameras on site to monitor the school, leaving our most vulnerable children to become victims of bullying every day.

What CCTV gives Schools

    • Visual deterrence: 67% of burglars avoid property protected by CCTV.
    • Clarity, quality colour and infra-red night vision.
    • Live monitoring: You can view over the internet.
    • Instant playback of activity or events.
    • High Quality imagery. Evidence of events for police, or insurance purposes.
    • Live viewing of pictures so security staff always know what is going on.

Our Systems Include:

    • A quality assured design, installation, and after sales service.
    • Indoor, Outdoor Weatherproof or Vandal Proof cameras.
    • Digital video recorders (DVR) with 4,8,16 channels.
    • DVR capacity of up to four MONTHS continuously that can be reviewed at any time.
    • Events of interest can be copied to disk and printed.

When you contact us, we will:

    • Locate cameras to most effectively protect your business property.
    • Identify the most cost efficient DVR to meet your objectives.
    • Provide a solution within your budget.

Modern technology, weather proof and infra red cameras, wireless transmission, and internet streaming, enable all normal problems to be overcome easily. NextSphere Nig Ltd prides itself in finding a solution to almost any CCTV challenge.

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