Access Control System Installation

The latest access control systems for offices, industry, commercial, education, and health premises.

Access Control Systems allow you to manage who can go where in your buildings, protecting door entry and perimeter access, including pedestrian and vehicle gates. They provide you with complete control over who has access to your premises (or parts of your premises) and grounds and at what times. This enables you to protect staff and visitors, as well as to keep property, goods and information systems secure. Access control systems can be enhanced to provided density flow management (to help control the number of people in any given space) and temperature screening.

We design, install, service, maintain and repair access control systems across a wide range of commercial premises.

Networked access control systems

Networked access control systems offer centralised control of your building from a PC. This means that commands given at the PC are sent to each of the doors or gates instantly, such as opening doors, barring tokens and building lockdown. Other benefits of this type of system are flexible control, allowing different permissions for individuals or groups of users.

Quality Installations of Paxton Access and ZKTeco Security Systems

Nextsphere Security are experts at installing and sustaining the latest access control technologies including market-leading systems from both Paxton Access and ZKTeco; we have accredited installers for ZKTeco and Paxton access control systems.

We have worked with all sizes of clients and on all types of jobs from installing and maintaining single control point solutions through to multi-entry role-based site access control technology linked to a central monitoring station at big hospitals, hotels and commercial sites. We have even linked gate access control systems for organisations spanning different States, feeding back to a central control location.

No matter the size of the challenge, Nextsphere can help.

. Full range of access control systems available


There are three main keyless entry technologies available:

Each system is unique to the premises at which it’s installed. WLS works carefully with each client to install an access security system tailored to their specific needs, including standard gate control or complete turnstile systems, ideal for office receptions. We have designed and installed hotel, school and office systems; see our access control case studies for more information.

Our smart locks

Our smart locks support fingerprint, pin code, card, bluetooth, mechanical key and other unlock methods, and can be adapted to different types of doors. Provide high security unlock way by safety mode – Face+Fingerprint.


Biometric time attendance systems

Improve your staff Productivity, Eliminate Timesheet Fraud and ensure Greater HR and Payroll Efficiencies with our World-Class time attendance systems. We provide innovation biometric fingerprint and face terminal for Time Attendance application.

Access control panel

1, 2 and 4 door access control panels with built-in Web Application eliminate the need for management software. Commercial access control systems allow you to grant or revoke access at any time, to anyone, from anywhere, complete with detailed audit trails making it the smartest security solution for your business.

Hotel Door Lock

If you’re building a new hotel or upgrading hotel rooms in an existing property, a hotel door lock is a crucial aspect of the security and convenience of any hotel stay. At NextSphere, we supply install  locks that serve as the first line of defense against unauthorized entry, ensuring that only registered guests and staff have access to rooms and other areas of the hotel.

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Choose Nextsphere as your access control installer

Convenient remote access
Nextsphere security systems are available with smartphone reporting, letting you know who has accessed your premises out of hours.

Save money on your operating costs
Access control systems can be connected to lighting, heating and air conditioning systems so they are only running whilst people are present in your buildings.

We work with the leading access control brands
With more than 10 years’ experience, our experts have the knowledge to install and maintain leading brands; Paxton, Bell Systems and Videx

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