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We are Nationwide CCTV Installation Specialists offering CCTV installation for both businesses and homes throughout Nigeria. 

Providing a great deterrent to thieves, burglaries and storing evidence, should you ever become a victim, is a powerful tool against the sophisticated burglars of today. The security threats your home or business faces evolve with each passing year and the days of having a single security guard with a paper sign-in sheet to keep your company safe are long over. Nextsphere CCTV Nigeria will help you design, engineer, and install modern surveillance solutions to protect your home, business, and institutions.

From initial discovery to implementation and integration, our staff of security professionals is there at every step of the way to ensure that your video surveillance system installation goes smoothly.

When considering a CCTV system installation, you can be faced with a mass of options as the technology continually develops. IP CCTV and High definition camera technology, POE switches and network cabling all require specialist design and specification to meet your security requirement and budget. So, talk to us about your requirement and we can specify from drawings or carryout a free survey.

If you have bought a CCTV system and would like it installed, or would like advice on which CCTV system is for you, Nextsphere CCTV are here to help. You can choose from a range of CCTV cameras on our site, with systems to suit every budget and requirement.

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Having CCTV cameras professionally installed in your home makes you feel safe and secure. Providing a great deterrent to thieves, burglaries and storing evidence, should you ever become a victim, is a powerful tool against the sophisticated burglars of today. You can never predict a crime so having the peace of mind that your cameras are recording 24/7 is vital. we offer home owners  the most cost effective and advanced IP surveillance systems available today.



CCTV camera system is a must-have for modern businesses to help business owners and managers better mange their business. It is proven that having highly visible cameras covering vulnerable areas of your business premises reduces the opportunity to commit crime, both from external and internal sources. We customize CCTV systems from 1 to 100 cameras, no job is big or small, we have a package to suit your budget.



Security camera systems are now top priority for schools as they help protect the most cherished and valuable among us, our children. There are real and potential threats for students, teachers and material assets as never before. Our global class IP surveillance system are installed in schools to protect lives, educational facilities ranging from smaller day cares or elementary schools, to large secondary school and college campuses.


NexSphere CCTV Camera Nigeria

At Nextsphere CCTV Nigeria, we give you the power to know exactly what’s been happening in your business 24 hours a day. Nothing is left to question. The moment an incident occurs you can check your irrefutable record and take the action to make sure it never happens again.

CCTV is even more useful as a deterrent. The mere sight of a camera is enough to make people think twice about their actions. It is most effective if people can see a monitor displaying a live feed. CCTV also deters threats from within your own business, particularly to cash and stock.

CCTV really helps where staff interact with the public. It protects staff, supervises staff, guides training programs, and ensures cash and stock are handled honestly.

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Nextsphere Nig Ltd sells top quality surveillance products. When you buy from us you only get the best.

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All of our systems come with an app that allows your cameras to be viewed remotely, with no additional or recurring charges. The only requirement is for your camera system and the viewing device to be connected to the internet. No longer do you have to be blind to what goes on when you are not there.

Many companies charge additional monthly fees to view your cameras remotely and/or store and retrieve footage, but when you purchase one of our systems, you own the system outright, with no gimmicks or “buts”. Don’t allow your business to be held hostage for a monthly bill each month by your security system installer. Once you have paid for the installation with us, the equipment and unrestricted access to it is yours for life.