PBX phone system

EPABX works as switching system for calls that enables both internal as well as external switching functions in a organizationor multistore building. An EPABX/INTERCOM system is an electronic device that aims to provide two-way communication by sending and receiving the audio and/or video transmissions. There are many varieties of INTERCOM systems available in the market for different uses in homes, businesses, offices, etc. One such well-known system is the EPABX/INTERCOM system widely used in business purposes.Unisol EPABX/INTERCOM is an acronym or abbreviation for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It falls under the subdivision of business phone systems which help to serve the business environment and communications. This telephonic tool is only for business purposes and has immense utilities in handling multiple connections through a single one. One can easily install this type of equipment from different vendors who provide supplies for the office uses.

Intercom/PABX System Installation

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Install a PBX telephone system from scratch or relocate your business phone system

Moving a PABX switchboard is complex and should be planned many months in advance to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place and that installation services are completed with minimal service interruption.

Depending on the type of PBX phone system (analogue PBX system, or hybrid PBX system) you are installing or relocating – there are specific tasks to be completed and infrastructure that needs to be in place at your business premises. Let’s discuss the different considerations that one needs to bear in mind when installing various types of business telephone systems from scratch, or reinstalling a PBX system.