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Access Control System Installation

The latest access control systems for offices, industry, commercial, education, and health premises.

Access Control Specialists with a proven track record

Any type of business can benefit from keyless entry systems. On large industrial sites, employees may need access to buildings out of hours or be restricted to specific locations depending on their job role. A retailer may wish to prevent the public from entering their stock room whilst providing key fob access to employees.

Controlling who can access your facilities will protect your staff, customers and company property from theft and unauthorised entry.

With our systems you are able to permit or deny access to parts of your facilities in a convenient and traceable way.

Single door to multi site systems with remote internet access and control

The main difference between the available access control systems is the type of ‘key’ used to gain access. Giving individual staff members their own pin number is less secure than providing key fobs.

We offer the latest technology to suit your needs including:

  • Key pads
  • Key fobs
  • Swipe cards
  • Proximity (RFID) cards
  • Tracking the entry and exit of people
  • Tracking the areas people have visited on site
  • Remote access and reporting

Choose Nextsphere as your access control installer

Choose Nextsphere as your access control installer

Convenient remote access
Nextsphere security systems are available with smartphone reporting, letting you know who has accessed your premises out of hours.

Save money on your operating costs
Access control systems can be connected to lighting, heating and air conditioning systems so they are only running whilst people are present in your buildings.

We work with the leading access control brands
With more than 10 years’ experience, our experts have the knowledge to install and maintain leading brands; Paxton, Bell Systems and Videx