A new generation of tech support for every device you own

Say goodbye to the cumbersome old world of tech support.

Few people have just one or two devices in their house anymore, that’s why we offer support for your whole home. Whether your Wi-Fi is is acting up, your computer stopped working properly, your smart locks snuffed it, or your smart door bell has gone bad, we are here when you need us the most.


Need help with your new technology?

Maybe you are new to technology, and just really need help! We love the challenges that new technology brings and pride ourselves on supporting a huge range of device types from the most basic tablets thru to the very latest IoT gadget.

But we do much more than supporting your devices, we take customer care to another level and we support you – every step of the way.

Start getting tech help today!

Hand me the Hardware

Far from just getting in touch when you have an issue, the new era of support goes much further than that.

Take control of your whole technology ecosystem by getting a new NextSphere- ZTE Router, or request our special dongle to plug it into your existing router and transform the way you interact with your devices. Click here for more information.